“7 Bathrooms…Resort Living… Outdoor Kitchen and Cabana House….Outdoor pool, new hot tub, and kids clubhouse.”


After his law school friend Mike DeWine became Attorney General, crony-in-chief Michael Kiggin suddenly became a lobbyist. Business was very good. He signed a number of clients, all of whom were seeking contracts from Mike DeWine.

Two years later, he is believed to have bought the million dollar mansion described above.
Three days ago, he repaid the favor by holding an exclusive fundraiser there for his good friend that made his success possible, Mike DeWine. A number of those present to schmooze with DeWine and give him money, were people who receive valuable, no-bid government contracts from DeWine.

And that’s how the Ohio Attorney General’s office operates under Mike DeWine.

Omar Faruk

Digital Director @ProgressOhio

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