Video: Republicans are Wrong

Omar Faruk .ProgressOhio Leave a Comment

Republicans in Congress seem dead set against giving hardworking Americans earning the minimum wage a small raise to $10.10/hour. But Congressional Republicans aren’t alone in their opposition to this commonsense proposal, even though a December 2013 poll found that two-thirds of the American people support increasing the minimum wage. Republican candidates around the country – from Bruce Rauner in Illinois to Rick Scott in Florida to Thom Tillis in North Carolina – have at some point expressed their opposition to raising the minimum wage.

Meet the Republicans who are WRONG on the minimum wage in American Bridge’s new video and check out Bridge Project’s January report for details on the Congressional Republicans who previously supported raising the minimum wage.

“Whether they’re already in Congress or running for governor, Republicans across the country are flat out wrong in their opposition to raising the minimum wage for hardworking Americans. This legislation would help families and workers make ends meets and improve their quality of life, and Republicans in the Senate should take a hard look at the majority of the country that supports raising the minimum wage before casting their no votes today,” said Brad Woodhouse, President of American Bridge.