E-Clips for 3/28/2014

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House E-Clips

Officials defend Toledo abortion clinic pact
Officials say it’s reasonable for a University of Michigan hospital to be the emergency-transfer provider for the last abortion clinic left in Toledo — even though it’s more than 50 miles away.
GOP hopefuls betting on mega donor in Vegas
The Republican White House hopefuls gathering on the Las Vegas strip this weekend have not come to woo voters.
Ohio AG rejects petition for bottle-deposit issue
Ohio’s attorney general has rejected the petition of a proposal that aims to create a refundable deposit on glass, plastic and other containers.
Ford says new engine will add 300 jobs in Ohio
Ford says it will invest $500 million and add 300 jobs at its engine plant in northwestern Ohio so that it can begin making a new V-6 engine.

Columbus schools hire consultant for financial projections
The Columbus Board of Education has been working under the assumption that it needs to cut $50 million in spending next school year, but now the district is looking for a second opinion.
GOP drafts plan to freeze Ohio ‘green’ energy rules
Ohio Senate Republicans will release a plan today to call a halt to annual increases in “green”energy standards.
Union urges state to hire more prison guards
Last year, 46 Ohio prison corrections officers left for work but didn’t come home to their families that night.
DeWine rejects bottle-deposit issue over two filing mistakes
A proposed statewide ballot issue seeking a vote on a bottle-deposit bill was rejected yesterday by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.
Parties pull ‘placeholder’ candidates out of Franklin County races
Faced with slugging it out in a record 12 judicial races in November, reality has kicked in for Franklin County Democrats and Republicans as three more “placeholder” candidates withdrew from the May 6 primary.
Group warns Ohio: Kansas tax cuts not working
As Ohio Gov. John Kasich and many GOP lawmakers continue to look for ways to cut Ohio’s income tax, a national progressive advocacy group says the gold standard for state tax cutting – Kansas – is thus far a cautionary tale.
Legislative stance on tax package still hazy
Speaker William G. Batchelder talked taxes with reporters this week, continuing to offer little certainty about what will happen with Gov. John Kasich’s proposed package of cuts and increases.
Legislative leaders say no to courthouse funding
As is often the case, some lawmakers wanted to include county courthouse repairs as part of the two-year, $2.4 billion capital budget.

Kettering planning $6 million in road work
The city of Kettering could begin work on roughly $6 million in road improvements as early as next week.
Union wants more prison guards for safety
The Ohio prison system needs 400 more corrections officers to curb the violence that has led to a spike in serious assaults by inmates against staff in the past seven years, according to the union that represents 30,000 state workers.

New bill would allow murder charges against drug dealers in overdose deaths
Drug dealers could be charged with murder if one of their customers dies from an overdose, under new legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives.
Ballot issue that would establish bottle deposits rejected by Attorney General Mike DeWine
Attorney General Mike DeWine on Thursday rejected petition language for a ballot initiative that would establish a bottle deposit program in Ohio.
Cuyahoga County mayors group votes to back ‘sin tax’ extension
A group representing Cuyahoga County’s 57 mayors and city managers gave its formal backing today to the proposed extension of the county’s ‘sin tax.’
Caucus of Lake Erie legislators urges Ohio EPA to reject plan to dump Cuyahoga dredgings into the lake
Add legislators who represent Ohio’s north coast to the chorus opposing a plan to put dredge materials from the Cuyahoga River into Lake Erie.
House bill to license private therapeutic wilderness camps: How they voted
Non-profit, therapeutic “wilderness camps” would be exempt from many state regulations under a bill passed Wednesday by the Ohio House of Representatives.
Why does Cuyahoga County’s inspector general review Ed FitzGerald’s campaign contributions?
Ed FitzGerald has enlisted Cuyahoga County’s inspector general to examine his political donor lists – a practice that critics of the county executive and Democratic candidate for governor believe is an improper use of taxpayer dollars.
Sheldon Adelson and John Kasich, Rand Paul and Rex Elsass … and Frank Jackson and JobsOhio — on FitzGerald’s turf: Ohio Politics Roundup
Gov. John Kasich jets off to Las Vegas this weekend for what everybody’s calling a 2016 audition.
Instead of income-tax-cut shell game, Kasich should invest in education: Brent Larkin
In his heart of hearts, Gov. John Kasich might actually believe a three-year, $2.2 billion income tax cut will trigger economic growth and job creation.

Editorial: Tale of two gun bills
In the Republican-dominated state legislature, bills to expand gun owners’ rights usually enjoy prompt attention and quick passage.

Union: More prison guards would help stop assaults
Ohio’s prisons — including two outside Lebanon — need 400 more correction officers to help stave off a wave of violence against prison guards, the officers’ union said Thursday.

Opponents of city’s last abortion clinic dispute deal
The fate of Toledo’s only remaining abortion clinic could hinge on a pact with the University of Michigan Health System to treat any patient who may incur complications during an abortion.
ODOT tries to find best Waterville bridge option
Mike Corcoran lives in Perrsyburg Township, but he often drives to Waterville to shop or visit relatives.

Youngstown council approved the city’s $171.5 million budget
It took council members only slightly longer to approve the city’s 2014 $171.5 million budget than it did to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ohio prison guards union seeks additional officers
Ohio prisons need an additional 400 guards, the union representing corrections officers said Thursday as it warned that serious inmate assaults on officers are at a 7-year high.
Editorial: Numbers war is heating up
You may have noticed that the war of numbers is heating up.