Dover, OH – Despite Republican State Senator Bob Gibbs’ efforts to run from his record as a proven tax raiser, Zack Space will not let voters forget Gibbs’ record of supporting the Taft Tax – the largest tax increase in Ohio’s history. Today, the Space campaign launched a television commercial holding Gibbs accountable for supporting record tax increases on middle class families, while giving himself a pay raise and granting special tax breaks for golf courses.

“Even though Bob Gibbs has shown he is willing say or do anything to make voters forget his support for the largest tax increase in Ohio’s history, his record is clear: Gibbs is a proven tax raiser,” said Space campaign manager Danny Friedman. “Ohio families deserve an honest leader like Zack Space who stands up for middle class families and fights to create jobs, not someone like Bob Gibbs who votes to increase his pay and provide sweetheart tax breaks for golf courses while sticking hard working Ohioans with the bill.”

Watch It:

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