In an interview on Fox News Toledo, John Kasich said this about his radical plan to eliminate Ohio’s income tax all together.

Interviewer: Answer this for me now. Do you support eliminating the state’s income tax?

Kasich: Yeah, I do. I’ve said over time we need to phase it out. Now people who say we shouldn’t, what are they thinkin’? The fastest growing states in the country, job creating states, are places like Tennessee, Florida and Texas and Nevada. These are places where they realize that if you have high taxes businesses will go somewhere where there’s low taxes.

No wonder Roger Ailes doesn’t want Kasich doing interviews or going on the record.  He’s to used to talking like he’s still in the Fox News bubble where you can say anything and no one is going to fact check you.

Here are the May unemployment rates from the no income tax states John Kasich highlights as "job creating" compared to Ohio:

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