Large Donations ($20 K and Up) Represent Two-Thirds of Pro-Issue 2 Contributions and In-Kind Donations

Agribusiness Biggest Supporter of Ohioans for Livestock Care

Columbus, Ohio – Government report detailing political expenditures for Ohioans for Livestock Care (OLC), the pro-Issue 2 Political Action Committee (PAC) promoting the creation of the Livestock Care Standards Board, reveals that financial support for Issue 2 is overwhelmingly from corporate livestock interests.   

Large agribusiness trade associations, such as the Ohio Pork Producers Council, Ohio Poultry Association, and the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, made large contributions to support Issue 2, and three out-of-state interests are among the largest overall donors.   

The biggest donors, all large trade associations, gave $20,000 or more in contributions and in-kind donations to the PAC and represent 2 percent of the contributors but two-thirds (66 percent) of the overall financing.  The twelve largest contributors to OLC contributed at least $100,000 each for a total of $1.4 million or 35 percent of all funds.  

Ohio Against Constitutional Takeover, a coalition representing Ohio farmers and consumers, is providing analysis of the financial report by industry sector, donor size, individual vs. non-individual, and in-state vs. out-of-state. The report demonstrates that only the most vested interests, namely livestock trade associations, are pushing to pass Issue 2.  

Ohio ACT, a partnership that includes the Ohio Farmers Union, Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association, Ohio Sierra Club, ProgressOhio and Food & Water Watch, is composed of grassroots organizations that represent tens of thousands of Ohioans including farmers and consumers, and has offices in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

To view the complete list of coalition partners and details of Issue 2, please visit:


  1. Carl Howard says:

    Issue 2 IS a Big Business Manipulation

    I am horrified that, given all the buzz on both sides of Issue 3, that there has been an almost one sided presentation of Issue 2, and furthermore, that the sponsor of this latest shameless attempt to write favorable language into a State Constitution – where by GODDDDD it does NOT belong – has so successfully manipulated almost all discussion of the details.

    Having not been equipped with the facts, and regardless of the outcome of the vote on Issue 3, I am frankly convinced that Issue 2 will pass, and pass easily, opening the door to a grotesque slippery slope in which vested special interests can write any language and protections they want for themselves as Amendments to Constitutions, and slowly have them turn into not documents protecting people and the Rule of Law, but a grab bag of gimme-gimme’s having nothing to do with Democracy and everything to do with corporations elevating themselves to the level of State and even Federal Governments.

    Want protections for polluters? Buy an Amendment! Hate the Queers? Buy an Amendment! Hate Labor Unions? Buy an Amendment! This is the shocking future for our cherished legal documents if we do not vigilantly act to oppose these vicious corporate power grabs before it’s too late, and Constitutions cease even to be recognizable as documents expressing the will and the Law of the People.