From the Plain Dealer’s coverage of Rep. Marcia Fudge’s townhall:

About an hour into the meeting, a man shouted that the proposed bill would lead to killing old people, apparently referencing a claim that the health-care act would lead to "death panels" relegating some people to die because caring for them is too expensive. A few minutes later, a second man created an outburst and also was removed.

Fudge, a Warrensville Heights Democrat, told the audience she doesn’t mind debate, but, she said, "This is still my meeting. I will be respectful of you, and you will be respectful of me."

It’s unclear what happened to the two men.

Well, I can clear up what happened to one of them:

The video starts with earlier footage of the protester standing by an Obama-Hitler sign. After being ejected, he produced a California ID which the police claimed didn’t look like him. The officer then asked him for the apartment number on the license, and the protester claimed he couldn’t remember since he hadn’t lived there in five years. After being released, he told an on-looker that he was with LaRouche Political Action Committee, to which the on-looker replies with a priceless quip.

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