15 Days, One Interviewer

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It’s been over two weeks since McCain picked unknown Gov. Palin as his running soulmate for the presidency. The Republican Party deemed ABC News as the only media outlet worthy enough to ask her questions.

Effectively, a political party has said “screw you” to the American people, and media people — afraid of reprisals down the road — wimped out and went along with the Republican gatekeepers.

Seeing that “exclusive” tag on the ABC News interviews with Palin makes my blood boil. Get me out of this bizarre alternative American universe!

I cannot recall a more blatant incidence of abridging the freedom of the press. If anyone should be made available to the press 24/7, it’s Gov. Palin. We have to make up for lost time — she was absolutely unknown to us two weeks ago.

With her bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Gov. Palin probably is aware that our American Fourth Estate has been taking on Soviet characteristics lately. Heck, you can see the Russian press corp from Alaska!


  1. Liz Putnam says:

    We know more about a 20-yr-old’s toe injury

    Than we know about the potential leader of the Free World. What a travesty of American values the Republicans have made.

  2. Liz Putnam says:

    Journalism Hall of Shame exhibit

    I predict there will some day be a permanent display devoted to these current dark days of First Amendment suppression at the Newseum in D.C.

  3. Liz Putnam says:

    16 days, one interviewer

    This hoodwinking of the American public by the Republicans has got to stop!

  4. Liz Putnam says:

    Re: 16 days, one interviewer

    Make that 15 days, 19 hours, one — count ‘em, one — hand-picked interviewer: Scab reporter Charles Gibson. Shame on you, ABC News, for failing to show solidarity with your fellow journalists.

    Thanks Jed Report & Dave for your accurate count!