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ProgressOhio.org was formed in 2006, as a 501(c4) to be a non-profit dedicated to working on behalf of progressive causes in Ohio. We are affiliated with ProgressNow as an earned media hub in addition to USAction and Fair Share as a field and coalition leading organization. ProgressOhio is a clearinghouse for Progressive ideas, which continually challenges conservative propaganda in the media and seeks to make sure progressive ideas are heard.

Advocacy & Civic Engagement

Core to our mission is advocating for progressive issues. We do that my engaging individuals and groups both online and offline.


Lasting change must be rooted in our communities. By focusing our communications work at the state and local level, we are uniquely situated to play an important role in creating true, lasting change in Ohio.

Digital Services

We offer a host of digital services to like-minded progressive organizations. Contact us to see how we can help you reach your goals.

Kasich’s Soul Brothers May Be Absentees This Year

Statement from Fitzgerald: Kasich Must Take Responsibility for Delayed Payments to Home Health Care Workers 

The following is a statement from the Ed FitzGerald‘s campaign office. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 27, 2014 CONTACT: Lauren Hitt, 443-370-3205, laur…@edfitzgerald.org COLUMBUS – In response to several reports that Governor Kasich’s push…


Today is Women’s Equality Day #WEmatter

Today is Women’s Equality Day marking the day that women finally won the right to vote with the certification of the 19th Amendment in 1920.  But we can’t really celebrate…


Double Dip, Triple Dip

Why is conflict of interest so a consistent theme in an office tasked with upholding the law? One reason is that First Assistant Mary Mertz, “the dealer”, has lead by…

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Study Says High & Medium Wage Jobs Decrease; Newly Created Jobs "Don"t Pay Enough to Support a Family" Columbus – Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank headquartered in Columbus, released…

One Koch-funded effort has been putting politics over kids in Illinois school districts.

Kochonomics: Rigging the System at the Local Level

Today, some five years after the end of the Great Recession, too many American families are still struggling to make ends meet and are living paycheck to paycheck. Millions of…

Some home health-care workers haven't been paid since launch of state program, group says | cleveland.com

Some home health-care workers haven’t been paid since launch of state program, group says

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An unspecified number of home health-care workers in Ohio haven’t been paid in weeks following the launch of a new state program to coordinate benefits, a left-leaning…


Ohio Charter Schools Accused Of Being Cover For Turkish Nationals Trying To Get To U.S.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Accusations are being leveled against charter schools, which could include some in Ohio . The group Progress Ohio points to information uncovered by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks,…

progressive hero

Progressive Hero – Honoring Mayor Coleman & Darrell Gammell

Progressive Hero – Honoring Mayor Coleman & Darrell Gammell

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Media Advisory- Governor Kasich called on to ensure that Home Health Aides Receive Payments

Governor Kasich and His Administration Should Enforce Private Contracts Now to Ensure that Home Health Aids Receive Payments Home Health Care Aides Haven’t Been Paid for a Month or More…


State Dept. Notified CIA, National Security Council About Suspicious Charter School Visas

The U.S. State Department raised serious and repeated concerns about Turkish charter schools in America, sending cables to the CIA, Secretary of Defense and the President’s National Security Council. Special…

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